Now I’m out of school and I’m still trying to find a boyfriend

Now I’m out of school and I’m still trying to find a boyfriend

i think I’m cursed because I never had a boyfriend. It’s like I can’t seem to find anyone who likes me, during my 7th grade year in middle school I didn’t want to play with toys anymore because I was getting to the age of wanting a boyfriend you know. But anyways never had no luck, than when I got in high school I still couldn’t find know one who wanted me. I’ll definetly be going to New Orleans to talk to a which to see why I can’t find anybody.

man its been very crazy for me i tried everything , i feel like im cursed at times because i meet a girl and next thing i know i cant keep her i dont no whats going on bad luck ? or cursed.

And every boy I try to talk to they’ll be gay or they just want like me which is strange because I’m not ugly

An artist curse is to feel everything so deeply, Try to organize the emotion and vent in a positive way. Seems we always have to b unhappy to b able to Write poetry or create beautiful art. Feeling sometimes feels like a curse. I once heard shallow people enjoy life. Taking everything to heart and living too deep can b Extremely painful

I think I have been cursed because although I come from an influential family that owns big businesses and has top government positions with a legacy of important ancestors in the arab country I live in, I got no proper jobs and failed relations with women. What should I do?

Saeed, I know this post was written almost ten years ago, but I wanted to answering from someone who feels that have not done anything special, as far as careers are concern, not for lack of trying and I really feel cursed. I recently took a course online, that was required and job related, while vacationing in an other state. Oddly enough, there was a power outage that affected over 1,500 households on that day, including my location. I loss connection with my Zoom class and had to explain in front of the next class why I ditched class. I almost did not get full credit for the class. Things like that happens to me frequently, I am often stressed out.

My friends think I’m gay but I’m not I told one of my friends that I think I’m cursed and she looked at me like I was crazy and laughed

You sound blessed to me, I think you have a very high expectations for yourself. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you take time to enjoy yourself along the way. Celebrate you achievements, as long as it is positive. It does not have to be huge. About your job, only you can figure out what to do about you job crossing their boundaries. More than likely, you are probably in a different job setting now. Best wishes,

I think I’m cursed because I’m so indecisive in life. I can’t get a good job and the ones I do get offered from I turn down even though I really need the money and I end up regretting it. I’m 27 years old still living at home with a useless bachelors degree to which I barely graduated and at one point I was kicked out of the university for poor grades. I’m so worried about money, time, age, etc that it’s killing me slowly. I don’t understand why this is happening to me and yet I know that there are others out there who are in worse shape than I am. I do feel like suicide is the only way out. I have no friends no girlfriend; I’m a pure loner who is also a loser. I don’t think I have done anybody wrong so I cannot explain this curse.

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